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Paola Carbone, Antonia Pellicanò

ChatGPT for Professional Writing

Prompts, Theory and Practice

Ricerche, n. 74
2023, pp. 152

ISBN: 9788875275600
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ChatGPT’s groundbreaking arrival has reshaped the landscape of professional writing, ultimately boosting productivity, enhancing the quality of the work, and accomplishing works and projects meeting deadlines. ChatGPT applications in professional writing not only saves time and effort for those tasked with producing copious written content, but also fuels creativity by offering ideas and suggestions. Moreover, it elevates the caliber of writing by providing valuable insights into phrasing and vocabulary. This book is divided into three enlightening parts. First, we acquaint ourselves with ChatGPT, delving into its potential and limitations while exploring the legal considerations tied to AI use. The second part offers a glimpse into real-world scenarios where ChatGPT transforms corporate communication. From branding to crafting website content and emails, social media communication, blog articles, oral speeches, reports, and more its impact is undeniable. Finally, the third section focuses on the dynamic intersection of ChatGPT and creative writing, especially in the realm of digital storytelling.


Paola Carbone

Paola Carbone is an Associate Professor of English Language and Literature at Università IULM, Milan. With over three decades of experience, she has been an educator in digital literature and storytelling. Since 2019, she has been leading Professional Writing workshops, covering both fundamental and advanced aspects.

Antonia Pellicanò

Antonia Pellicanò, a digital marketing consultant, with extensive experience in publishing and online advertising, contributes articles to blogs and magazines on cutting-edge topics like AI, Blockchain, and the Metaverse. She also offers courses to enhance digital marketing understanding for students and professionals.